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Fake Man On Parade

Extra Mega Man 9 Robot Master Revealed

Fake ManUPDATE: Fake Man On Parade

So, you've cleared out all eight Robot Masters and sent Dr. Wily back to prison in Mega Man 9.  You've dabbled in the game's Endless Attack mode, donned Proto Man's helmet, and done your best speed runs through Concrete Man's stage.  What could Mega Man 9 possibly have left to show you?  How about an extra Robot Master?  Get ready for the next round of extra downloadable content and the coming of Fake Man.  GameSpot has an interview with Capcom's Hironobu Takeshita that discusses the origin of the eight new Robot Masters we know and the one we don't.

GS: Are there any robot masters that didn't make the cut that you can share with us?

HT: I don't mean to evade your question, but there is one boss we'd love to introduce to the fans in this occasion. His name is Fake Man. He appears on the special stage available in downloadable content. He also makes a small appearance in the main content. This is a big hint! Some of you might have already gotten it by just telling you this. The special stage will be very challenging for most of you, and you may not be able to see him often. Don't be discouraged. He is waiting for you, to battle you!

I finally finished the game over the weekend and have come away from the experience extremely impressed.  Mega Man 9 is the best game in the original series since Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3.  I'm eager to take on Fake Man, but I can't help but wonder if he gives up his weapon when defeated and if — if, mind you — that weapon fills the single empty space on Mega Man's weapons and items screen.

(via The Mega Man Network)