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CastlevaniaI've been pleasantly surprised with the new Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for the Nintendo DS in that it breaks the ongoing Symphony of the Night gameplay formula into little bits, turning the experience into something more Simon's Quest than Dawn of Sorrow.  The storyline is nothing new though, as it falls somewhere on the Castlevania timeline during the period where the Belmont clan is missing from action and the duty of slaying Dracula falls to little splinter groups that think they have what it takes to take up the Vampire Killer whip (or its mystical equivalent).  We've been down that road a number of times in recent years and it's starting to get a little stale.  I've felt for a while now that we need a Castlevania plot that really shakes things up and I believe that I have finally figured out the missing element.

We need to see the epic results and hilarity that ensues when an evil force more powerful than Dracula crashes the vampire resurrection party, forcing the era's Belmont to team up with Dracula to take out the trash.  That's right; I want a Castlevania game where the hero and the villain have to put their little blood feud on hold for a while to slay something more powerful and threatening than either of them.  One wouldn't tag along with the other over the course of the game (as hero team Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin did in 2006's Portrait of Ruin), however.  There would be a set of Belmont missions and a set of Dracula missions, their paths would cross often with interesting results, and only when the big horrible evil has been handled do they finally turn against one another for the fated grand finale.

Failing that, well, I guess we could always pursue a Castlevania medieval stagecoach racing game of some sort, or maybe a soccer game where a Medusa Head fills in for the ball.  But let's try the buddy cop formula first, alright?