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Mega Man 9 Musings

Mega Man 9 Ever since there has been the World Wide Web, there has been The Mega Man Homepage.  Well, maybe not quite, but it certainly seems that way.  I've been an avid fan of the site ever since I first stumbled upon it years and years ago, so you can imagine how much I've anticipated site creator Miranda Paugh's thoughts and analysis on the new Mega Man 9.  She's finally made her usual hints page for the game available in which she discusses some of the neat little details most players probably missed while exploring Dr. Wily's latest plot for world domination.  Note the spoilers, natch.

There are a couple of extra touches here and there, one of which I want to note here specifically. Later in the game the good guys watch a video taken from the memory of one of the Robot Masters. Because this scene is being viewed through the eyes of the last Robot Master you defeated, the resulting scene shows only the other seven Robot Masters. If you look carefully, the one you just defeated is always the one that’s missing. This is a nice touch. (They did, however, forget to change the “his” to “her” if you defeated Splash Woman last. See, this is why it’s a bad idea to have a female Robot Master!)

Now, if you're really reading to dive into the deep end of the Mega Man 9 plot pool, move on to her musings on the game's storyline and how it fits (or does not fit) with the other games in the original Mega Man series.  She especially takes issue with the notion that Robot Masters have arbitrary expiration dates.

It doesn’t make logical sense in any way to arbitrarily destroy robots that are functioning perfectly well, particularly when you consider the investment that probably went into building them.

If this is really a law, why haven’t Mega Man and Roll been scrapped? They’ve been around longer than any Robot Master. And what about Auto? Auto has existed since before the Mega Man 9 Robot Masters were created. If the Mega Man 9 robots are past their due date, then Auto should have been scrapped by now as well.

I'm really surprised that I've yet to see anyone invoke Blade Runner when discussing Mega Man 9's plot.  I can't be the only one that's noticed the parallels between expiration dates for Robot Masters and limited lifespans for replicants.