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It's Almost Time For Mother 3

Mother 3The devoted group of Earthbound fans who have been hacking the only-in-Japan Mother 3 into English are about to complete their work.  In fact, the team has announced that the translation will be in our hands sometime this week.

The patch will be out at the end of this week.

Testing’s pretty much over now. Some bugs did turn up over the last few days, but they were all minor and quickly remedied. Some really hard-to-spot typos were also found and fixed.

Clear your weekend schedule.  A semi-familiar boy by the name of Lucas would like to be properly introduced to you.  Hey Nintendo of America, last chance to step up and announce a proper Earthbound 2 translation and release in some form.  Final first-party Game Boy Advance release?  Nintendo DS Earthbound trilogy compilation?  WiiWare exclusive?  No?  Going once, going twice...