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E3 2009 Open To The Public

E3 2005UPDATE: We may not know the entire story yet...

For all of you out there who've always wanted to crash the Electronic Entertainment Expo without the proper journalistic credentials, this one's for you: E3 2009 will be open to the public.  Say what?  The ESA is letting the unwashed masses behind the curtain next year?  There goes the neighborhood.

According to a source close to the process, the convention floor and meeting rooms will open on Tuesday June 2nd to media and industry professionals. On Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th, however, the show floor will open up to the public.

So, come on out and take early versions of Mega Man 10 and Super Kirby or whatever else is on tap for 2009-10 for a spin.  Just be sure to keep out of the way of those of us attending the show for important serious business reasons of great urgency (e.g. having a blast under the guise of working ourselves into a pixelated frenzy).  You there, get to the end of the line!  I have a deadline to meet!