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E3 2009 Not Open To The Public

E3 Media and Business SummitAh, the proper balance has been restored.  It turns out that next year's Electronic Entertainment Expo will not be open to the general public after all, but getting past the velvet rope will be easier to do than in the past two years.  If you have a legitimate reason to attend the show and have a knack for influencing others, then you may have a shot at getting into the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Kombo sums it up.

Okay, Mr. Gallagher, so what about Joe the Gamer with his small enthusiast-run gaming blog? Or Jill the Gamer, who starts up a blog a few months before E3 in order to get the proper credentials to attend? Will they be able to get in?

They'll be absolutely the target, one of the target audiences will be that group. The ESA will credential them on a case-by-case basis, but in a manner that those that influence others, and those that are opinion leaders in the video game space, they'll be able to get in.

Short answer:  No, they probably won't be able to get in, but we'll see.

Here's hoping this a return to form for E3 with its large booths and bright lights and games on display that aren't casual-focused letdowns.  I did get a lot more work done than usual during E3's slender years, but I do miss the excitement.  Perhaps in 2009 we can find a happy medium where productivity and playfulness come together.