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Welcome Back, Greedy Wario!

Greedy WarioI happily brought Wario Land: Shake It! into my home yesterday, and although I have a feeling that the main adventure will be over within a week (I'm already into the third of five areas after about two hours worth of play), I'd just like to commend Nintendo and developer Good-feel for bringing Wario back to his greedy selfish roots.  We've watched the anti-plumber slide increasingly towards gross-out toilet humor over the past few years, but Shake It! has (so far, at least) done away with the nose picking and flatulence that was becoming the norm.  Instead the action revolves around greed.  Wario's motivation for taking up this latest quest is all about the money.  Sacks of coins are everywhere for the shaking and taking.  It just feels right to have Wario back how he belongs: greedily chasing down every single last coin for his own selfish benefit.  Welcome back, Wario!