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Weekly Poll: Series Of Tubes

Weekly Poll for 9-08-2008Most of you out there have two controllers for your primary game console.  This could have been an open-ended question depending on which console you own.  I consider my Nintendo Wii to be my primary console right now, but while I only have a single Wii remote, I also have a nunchuk and a classic controller.  So does the classic controller count as another controller even though it must connect to the remote in order to function?  Do I count my two GameCube controllers that some games support?  What about the DK bongos and action pad for Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix that are both compatible?  One thing is for sure, however: I need more storage space for all of these input devices.

We've finally reached the era where connecting game consoles to the Internet is expected of us.  Be it for online multiplayer, downloadable games, or just browsing the web, game publishers just assume that we've plugged our consoles into that great big series of tubes that we call the Internet.  How do you have your primary console connected to the online world?  Wi-Fi?  Old fashioned network cable?  Or are you not online at all?  Let's hear your thoughts.