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Weekly Poll: Return Of The Blue Bomber

Weekly Poll for 9-15-2008Like most of you out there I'm in the Wi-Fi club when it comes to connecting my game consoles to the Internet.  The 10% of you out there that don't have a console connected to the Internet at all puzzle me though.  I have a co-worker who owns a Sony PlayStation 3 that's not set up to reach the Internet at all.  He doesn't even have an Internet connection of any sort at home which just really confuses me.  He's missing out on online multiplayer, firmware updates, game patches, and PlayStation Network downloads.  How can anyone get by without the Internet in our modern online information-centric world?   

This is a fantastic week to be a fan of 2D gaming thanks to a few major game releases.  Yes, it's finally time to get our hands on Wario Land: Shake It!!, Kirby Super Star Ultra, and the long-awaited Mega Man 9.  The new Mega Man adventure will be making its way to Nintendo's WiiWare, the Sony PlayStation Network, and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade over the next few days.  If you're buying it, which version are you going to choose?  Will you take the WiiWare one to enjoy the traditional Nintendo Entertainment System controls?  Maybe you want the Xbox Live Arcade's Achievements.  Say, can the PSN version offer a Remote Play option?  So, which download service is getting your ten dollars (if any)?