Super Mario RPG Finally Reaches North American Virtual Console
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Weekly Poll: Like The Moon Over The Day

Weekly Poll for 8-25-2008Like most of you, I've also been playing other consoles while waiting for some enjoyable new Nintendo Wii material.  Mostly I've dipped back into the Sony PlayStation 2 library and trying games that I just never got around to sampling.  I've been kind of disappointed in my picks, but that's probably why I didn't get around to playing these games sooner.  I wanted a kickass modern Batman game, and goodness knows that Batman: Vengeance wasn't it.  Star Trek: Encounters was beyond disappointing.  Let's just say that reviewing Mario Super Sluggers this weekend has been a breath of revitalizing air.  I should be set until Wario Land: Shake It!! arrives at the end of the month (plus there's Mega Man 9 coming at some point soon), but after I finish consuming that... well, I'll cross that bridge when I reach it.

Speaking of games to play on the Wii, Nintendo has finally deemed those of us in North America worthy to play (or replay as the case may be) Super Mario RPG, one of the shining gems of the Super NES era, on the Virtual Console.  Will you (or did you) buy the game?  Did you pass on it because you still have the original 16-bit cartridge?  Are you just not interested for some terribly misguided reason?  Take a break from giving evil Smithy the business and share your thoughts.