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Weekly Poll: Carded

Poll092208I hope that you're all enjoying Mega Man 9 regardless of which console you're using (or will use) to play it.  Like most of you, I went with the Nintendo Wii version.  Turn the Wii remote on its side and suddenly it's 1987 all over again.  I'm still working my way through the adventure and I'm in no hurry to finish.  I've cleared out all of the Robot Masters and am working my way through the first of Dr. Wily's Skull Castle stages.  Damn those horizontal magma beam traps!  Now that I know their secret, however, it's only a matter of time before I find some other frustrating obstacle to temporarily halt my progress.

Moving on, have you seen where Nintendo has reprinted and re-released Clubhouse Games for the Nintendo DS?  Surely you remember the game.  It's the collection of card and board games that you most likely passed over when it was new.  I don't understand why the game did not sell better the first time around.  I mean, it's all classic card games.  People love card games!  After all, they wouldn't pass the time with Microsoft Windows's included solitaire diversion, gather virtual friends for Xbox Live Arcade poker night, or gamble away small fortunes at online blackjack if they didn't enjoy it on some level, right?  So, what about you?  Do you usually play card video games?  By yourself?  Online for fun?  Online for money?  Let's hear about it.  Say, do you think they fixed the static bug for this reprint?