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Penn And Teller: Bullshit! To Cover Game Violence

Penn And Teller UPDATE: The episode has aired.

They've debunked all kinds of pseudoscience, exposed fallacies, and even taken a swing at bottled water, but now skeptical magicians Penn and Teller are apparently going to take a look at video game copycat violence on their Showtime television series, Bullshit!.  I've raised the issue today over at Kombo.

I've been waiting for this show to take on this topic for quite a while now. The duo have a knack for interviewing people from both sides of a hot button issue (past episodes have explored things such as global warming, Wal-Mart, exorcisms, and expensive trendy bottled water) with the catch that "wrong" side is usually represented by kooks whose incendiary methods override their messages. The show also uses excessive profanity in place of claims and statements that could be considered libelous.

The gaming community's self-appointed nemesis, Jack Thompson, claims to be part of the episode.  He ceased to be relevant a while ago, but I must admit that I'm looking forward to hearing Bullshit! host Penn Jillette introduce him with the recurring line "And then there's this asshole..."  Consider it a guilty pleasure.