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Magma Man We haven't even had the chance to explore the upcoming Mega Man 9 for Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Xbox and there are already rumors buzzing about the nature of downloadable content that would extend the experience.  Kombo has a list of supposed gimmicks and modes that we'll be able to download sometime in the not-too-distant future.

  • Buster Shot Mods: Buster can fire different kinds of pellets such as a three way spread buster and a homing shot. No weapon energy used.
  • Shooting Star Rockman: Rockman from the Shooting Star series is a playable character. Once downloaded, you can equip him in the Costume menu. (Japan only)
  • Remixed Music: Download remixed BGMs, replaces 8-bit music.
  • Title screens: Download new title screen images. One in particular, features Rock and friends "jumping for joy."
  • Blues (Editor's Note: That's Proto Man, for the uninitiated): Yes, Blues is playable. Has his own set of moves/attacks. (Actually, he kinda sucks. Controls too loosely.)
  • Auto messages: At some point in the game, Auto converses with Rock. This download changes what he talks about. One message featured Auto giving Rock his horoscope .
  • DLC may or may not be "free." Capcom is considering options to make DLC redeemable. Wants to reward players for hard work.

Anything that expands on the basic game is fine with me.  I'd hope that Capcom would support Mega Man 9 just as it did with Mega Man: Powered Up for the Sony PlayStation Portable.  As you may recall, Powered Up featured frequent new downloadable content for about a year after the game's release.  Mega Man 9 is supposedly due to hit the download services the week of September 22, so start saving your points for the outlet of your choice.