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Super Mario RPG Finally Reaches North American Virtual Console

Super Mario RPG Today is Labor Day in the United States.  If you're like me (and I know I am), then you have a day off today.  A day off from work, school, or whatever else your daily routine may require.  At least, I hope you do.  So why not spend that day with a fantastic game from the 16-bit generation that has finally come back around for a second pass?  Super Mario RPG arrives on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console in North America today, continuing its around-the-world journey after stops in Europe and Japan.  Shell out those 800 Wii points and settle in for one of the best RPGs ever made.  Oh, and some free advice for those of you taking up the quest for the first time: if you want to have a shot at acquiring absolutely every item in the game, don't miss collecting a certain hidden Frog Coin near the start of the adventure.  Miss your one brief chance to snag it and your neighbors will be able to hear your anguished cries of defeat from miles away.  Now get going.  Heavy Troopa is ready to launch!