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Amazon.com Steps Up Release Date Deliveries

Wario Remember about a month ago when Amazon.com announced it was testing a new program in which customers who preorder new video games would receive those games on the game's actual release day instead of up to one week later?  It must be going well for the company because I see now where they're starting to branch out from the four games originally included in the test.  I went to lock in my copy of Wario Land: Shake It!! yesterday and found that the game would land on my doorstep this coming Tuesday on release day instead of several days later as these kinds of things usually do.  I checked a few other major upcoming games to see if Amazon was offering the same deal, but it seems that only Wario Land is included in this offer for now.  Hopefully this means that the test program is going well and that we'll start to see this kind of thing offered more in the future.  Anything that saves me a trip to Best Buy after work is OK with me (and they won't even have the game for sale until September 29 for some reason).