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Arcade Station T2 Home console games have been pulling double duty in video arcades for years.  Nintendo Entertainment System titles had a second home in the PlayChoice-10 arcade cabinet, while Sega Genesis games thrived in special Mega-Tech units.  We just don't see this kind of thing anymore, but one company is bringing the concept back.  Quasimodo Interactive is working on an arcade cabinet known as Arcade Station T2 that houses a Microsoft Xbox 360.

It's outfitted in a traditional upright cabinet design, but features two Xbox 360 controllers and memory card slots. While it supports "system link gaming", it hasn't been revealed that whether that refers to LIVE support or not.

Players will buy time on the system, meaning that a handful of quarters would buy you a few minutes with the likes of Halo 3 or Devil May Cry 4 instead of three lives.  At first this kind of thing seems a little impractical and rather unneeded, but if you're one of the would-be Street Fighter IV owners out there fuming over the expense and difficulty associated with buying an arcade unit from Capcom, something like this could be the next best option once the home version of the game is released next year.