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Weekly Poll: Where Do W-E3 Go From Here?

Weekly Poll for 7-28-2008Yes, I too am a longtime fan of the familiar reliable ABXY button setup.  I remember when I first wrapped my hands around the Super NES controller and marveled at how Nintendo's engineers had added more buttons to the gamepad experience.  A and B, sure, but an X and a Y?  And L and R to boot?  That had to be the end of the road though.  No way could anyone cram any more buttons into a controller.  Nope, never.  Nuh-uh.

Before we finally put E3 2008 to rest, let me pitch you one last question about the event.  Based on how this year's summit turned out, what form should E3 2009 take?  Another small invite-only affair?  A large bright loud blow-out for industry people as in days of yore?  Or maybe you'd prefer a large bright loud blow-out open to the public?  What about no E3 at all?  Let's hear your thoughts.