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The Scandalous Hobbies Of Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru MiyamotoIt's become a known fact that Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto draws inspiration for new video games from his various hobbies and experiences.  For instance, when his family adopted a puppy, he came up with Nintendogs.  Gardening led to Pikmin.  When he started to mind his weight, he struck upon Wii Fit.  Why, even his childhood adventures of exploring caves and running from large animals sparked both The Legend of Zelda and the fearsome Chain Chomp enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3.  Now there's a report floating around out there that Miyamoto's hobbies are no longer something he can discuss with the press lest a competitor figure out the gaming idea connected to his latest pastime.

According to sources at Nintendo, the games designer has been banned by the company from speaking publicly about his hobbies.  It's not that they are naughty, illegal or even nerdish, it's just that any glimpse inside his head could be worth billions. Particularly so now: the Wii still sells strongly around the world, but its successor is the talking point. Unfortunately, the only place where the discussion has any grounding is inside Mr Miyamoto's head.

GamePolitics says "It would be kind of amusing if it turned out that [Miyamoto's] new hobby was something either unmarketably freaky or irretrievably boring" which I think is an interesting point.  The last thing we need is a Nintendogs sequel born from Miyamoto's newfound interest in taxidermy.

(via Kombo)