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The Second Reality Project Prepare to have your mind blown by impressive ROM hacks of beloved gaming classics.  I have a brief article over at Kombo which highlights some amazing gaming creations from dedicated fans.

The video game ROM hacking world has an abundance of Super Mario Bros. hacks in which Mario and friends have been replaced by [insert immature garbage here], but that kind of trash has a bad habit of overshadowing actual fantastical reimaginings of beloved gaming classics. Enter NeoGAF forumite Mama Robotnik and a list of spectacular ROM hacks that actually aspire to become something more than their source material. Here's a brief sample of the goodness on display.

There's some cross-pollination going on here as some of the hacks combine different aspects of competing games, such as Brutal Mario which brings elements from Donkey Kong Country 2, Kirby Super Star, and a Squaresoft RPG I can't quite place together into Super Mario World.  There's also a Sonic the Hedgehog expansion that actually outgrew its Sega Genesis roots and had to evolve into a Sega CD hack, a new side-scrolling adventure for Link, and a "second quest" for Super Metroid.  Hurry and try 'em all before the lawyers crack down.