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Sony Announces New PS3 And PSP Models

Sony PlayStation 3The game console reconfiguration train rolls on as Sony has announced additional reworkings of current generation hardware.  The company just can't stop tinkering with system specifications.  The new iterations include (among other things) a hard drive storage space increase for the PlayStation 3 and a built-in microphone for the PlayStation Portable.

Slated for release this November, the $500 bundle will also include a copy of the game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and a voucher to download the game Pain. The bundle is described as a "limited-edition" offer, so who knows if the 160 GB model will stick around after that. Probably, considering it's $100 more than the now-standard 80 GB version, which Sony said today is shipping out to stores.  Sony also announced a new version of PSP this morning with a few minor upgrades -- a better LCD screen with a "wider color gamut" and "anti-reflective technology," and a built-in microphone.

I was just about to bite on the currently available 80 GB PS3 model with Metal Gear Solid 4 as a pack-in bonus, but I think I can wait until November for the increased drive space and inclusion of a game I'm actually interested in playing.  As for the PSP, my first generation version lives on quite nicely, thank you.