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See The Secret Sega Stash

Secret Sega Stash Have you seen the photos of the secret stash of Sega hardware and games that the company keeps as part of its vast historical archive?  Apparently there's a room at Sega headquarters loaded with every game, every peripheral, every console, and basically every Sega thing that the company ever produced.  I'd love to spend an hour or five exploring the goodies in that room, but moreover, I find myself wondering if there are any rare or one-off items propped up next to yet another Sonic the Hedgehog 2 cartridge.  Specifically, I'd really like to know if this is the legendary secret vault that contains the one single known working Sega Neptune prototype.  Apparently the company plans to catalog everything in this room and make it available for Sega staffers to enjoy, so if it is in there, I'd imagine someone will find it (and when/if someone does, I hope he or she shares the photos with the rest of us). 

(via Kombo