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Revised Xbox 360 Controller Remains International Exclusive

Microsoft Xbox 360 controller Talk to some Microsoft Xbox 360 owners about design issues with the console's controller and you may well hear that the control pad is lacking in some regard.  Considering how often console markers like to double dip, you would think that it would be a no-brainer to release a revised model of controller and sell units to eager gamers worldwide all over again.  Funny how that doesn't quite work out.  It seems that Microsoft has come up with a controller that sports a revised control pad that allows for eight-way control over the existing model's four-way, but we won't be seeing it in North America anytime soon.  For whatever reason, the new controller is only destined for Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  C'mon, Microsoft.  Share the love!  I would think that this new controller would be an easy sell to ardent Xbox fans who dream of something more from the existing control pad.