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Plenty Of Other Games Could Be Rearmed And Powered Up

Nathan Spencer I really have to give credit to Capcom, as they've been hitting retro remakes out of the park this generation.  Bionic Commando: Rearmed is both refreshingly new and belovedly old, and of course I've gone on about Mega Man: Powered Up plenty of times before.  Something that strikes me, however, is how the company seems to have a knack for coming up with cute, punny subtitles to signify a favorite game in new clothing.  "Rearmed" is, of course, a play on hero Nathan Spencer's bionic arm, while "Powered Up" takes a cue from Mega Man's ability to increase his arsenal.  Why aren't more publishers having this kind of title fun?  Nintendo is about to unleash a Nintendo DS revamp of the Super NES classic, Kirby Super Star, with the unimaginative subtitle Ultra.  Why not something like Kirby Super Star: Second Helping or Kirby Super Star: Redigested?  Imagine the possibilities conjured up by these prospective titles:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Accelerated
  • Castlevania Resurrected
  • F-Zero Refueled
  • Blaster Master Irradiated
  • SimCity Rezoned
  • Vectorman Anti-aliased
  • Strider: Hooked Up
  • Little Nemo Reawakened

The use of the re- prefix would grow old quickly, but I think the market could grin and bear it for two or three more solid uses.  After all, we made it through the dark days of DS-based acronyms, "64" suffixes, and a whole other glut of modifiers.  Let's have some fun with a naming gimmick for once.