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Exploring The Earthbound Localization

Earthbound It's been a little while since I dragged the Super NES RPG Earthbound into the spotlight, so it seems like a good time to direct you to an exhaustive list of game elements that were altered or removed when the original Japanese version of the game (Mother 2, as I'm sure you recall) crossed the seas to North America.  It's Mother 2 to Earthbound and Back Again.

In Earthbound, after you first see Paula in the cabin, you'll run into Pokey. He'll say that Carpainter made him an important person in Happy Happyism.

In MOTHER 2, he actually says something more literally like, "And just when it looks like I'm going to be able to be a big shot in Happy Happyism thanks to Mr. Carpainter..."

Obviously, that's a mouthful and it'd need to be trimmed down a LOT to sound more natural. But the difference in nuance here is that 1: Pokey ISN'T an important person in Happy Happyism yet, he's only about to be; and 2: Ness' meddling is getting in the way of Pokey's hope for becoming a big shot in the cult. In other words, this is one of the very first times Ness has messed things up for Pokey. I bet Ness regrets it by the end of the game.

You have played Earthbound by now, right?  I've been very patient with you up until now, but I won't wait around forever.