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Conquest Of The Coliseum Of The Apes

Tomb Raider: Anniversary And now, a brief conversation snippet from my office this morning in which I explain a weekend adventure from Tomb Raider: Anniversary.  We join the scene as I explain to one of my game-playing co-workers how I guided heroine Lara Croft through ancient Greek ruins and into a large amphitheater-type environment guarded by fearsome beasts.

MattG: "... and so once I made it into this coliseum place, two large angry gorillas come at me, so I start shooting and then there were two panthers coming at me, so I shot at them too."

Game-playing co-worker: "What about the bats?"

MattG: "I'd already taken care of them."

Confused co-worker, approaching the conversation: "What game is this?"

MattG (without missing a beat and with a deadpan expression): "No game.  This was my weekend."

Confused co-worker: *stunned silence*

Game-playing co-worker: "Nice!"  *high-five*

What can I say?  I have my moments.