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Banjo-Kazooie Stop N' Swop Revived?

Banjo-Kazooie So, bear and bird team Banjo and Kazooie are on their way back to the video game stage with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts for the Microsoft Xbox 360.  As if that's not enough, Rare and Microsoft are bringing the original Nintendo 64 Banjo-Kazooie adventure to the Xbox Live Arcade, and now it's been announced that preordering the new game will grant a special code to unlock the N64 original two weeks before it goes on sale to the Live Arcade masses.  Of course, after all these years of playing and replaying Banjo-Kazooie I really doubt that there's anything new for us to see in this—

The XBLA title will include something called Stop N' Swop, which rewards players' accomplishments in the new game with extra content and features in the Live arcade game.

Stop N' Swop?  Now?  After all these years of teasing?  Well, better late than never!