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"Why We're Excited for E3" Roundtable At Kombo

E3 Media and Business SummitThe 2008 E3 Media and Business Summit is just days away at this point and the excitement is certainly building among the Kombo staff.  In this installment of our recurring roundtable discussion feature, some of the staff outline their hopes, dreams, and wishes for this year's show.  My comments are up first (and are actually repurposed from my previous thoughts on the matter), but stick around for the other folks and their thoughts.  Here's a bit of what our Editor-in-Chief, Phillip Levin, has to say:

Right now, I'm really hoping Nintendo announces something that core gamers can look forward to for Wii, which I think is probably going to happen. I'm nearly certain that we'll see the return of the Kid Icarus series, which, as I've written about in the past on Kombo, has grown up since we last saw the series. Oh, and rumors of Animal Crossing and Pikmin 3 have me stoked. I shouldn't really say "rumors" of Animal Crossing, though, as I think that's pretty much a given at this point. What I'd like to see most from Nintendo, though, is a new high-caliber IP for hardcore games. Please, Nintendo. Make it happen. Outside of Nintendo, I'm also excited to see anything new for Xbox 360 and PS3. I'm anticipating a lot of already-announced games, but I'm more excited about the surprises. That's what E3's all about.

I'll be providing commentary, video clips, and hands-on impressions of new games from the show once again this year as well as my traditional annual E3 photo album.   It all kicks off on Monday.  See you on the coast!