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E3 2008: Wrap-up Podcast At Kombo

Weekly Poll: You're Winner!

Weekly Poll for 7-13-2008It's kind of a mixed bag for just how people follow E3 news.  My take on how to read gaming news really changed once I started attending the conference for myself.  In the old days I used to hit the highlights at the end of the day, but being at the heart of all the excitement has turned me into a constant page refresher.  While I was working in the media room last week I found that I had an extra web browser tab open to the Kombo homepage itself to keep track of what was going on even as I was writing previews and news blurbs.  It makes me smile to think that I'm one of the people helping to get the news out there and even I can't keep up with it all.  What chance does everyone watching from home have?

So, keeping with the E3 theme for just a little longer, which of the major gaming companies do you feel "won" the conference?  Take that however you like.  Who had the best press conference?  Which console had the strongest demos?  Who really dropped the ball?  Let's hear your thoughts.