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Weekly Poll: ABCs and XYZs

Weekly Poll for 7-21-2008Nintendo had the best E3 showing this year?  Really?  Really??  I felt let down by this year's media briefing, what with the casual-focus and lack of core titles on display.  This is not a unique opinion, of course.  I suppose I feel that Sony had the best showing this year, and they kind of win by default with me.  Microsoft seemed to be trying a little too hard to be cool and with-it.  Sony's not much better in that regard, but they weren't quite as blatant about it this year.

Let's have a light fluff question this week.  Controller buttons have been labeled many different ways over the years.  There's your classic ABXY configuration that so many of us grew up with, the Sega-centric ABC method, the old fashioned 1234 numbering, and, of course, Sony's χΟΔ distribution.  Which is your preferred labeling scheme?