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Top 15 Games of E3 2008 At Kombo

Kombo's Top 15 Games of E3 2008  It just wouldn't be the post-E3 season without the major gaming sites handing out awards for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence, so over at Kombo we've done our journalistic duty by choosing the top fifteen games of the show as voted by those of us who were in Los Angeles last week. 

Traditionally, we run our genre-specific Best and Worst of E3 Awards after each E3, but this year, because there weren't enough award-worthy games on hand, we've decided to do things a little differently this year. If we were to hand out genre-specific awards, such as Best Action Game and Best Shooter, we would have a lot of games that win by default -- because there are not enough contenders in each category. What's more, it's likely the same few games would dominate the genre awards, and we'd just be awarding the same game over and over with different awards. So, instead, we've put together a top 15 article, celebrating the 15 best games of the show. This way, we can spotlight 15 different games, casting the spotlight over a wider range of games.

I wrote the descriptive blurbs for a few of the games on the list.  Check it out one time, won't you?