The Last Days Of Dr. Wily
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The Robots Are Indeed Revolting

Mega Man 3 If you've been away from the Mega Man series for a while you may feel compelled to pick up some of the later titles in the original series that you missed in order to catch up in time for the upcoming Mega Man 9.  That's a good idea, but let me give you some free advice.  Stay away from Mega Man 3.  Avoid it at all costs.  It is not worth your time or your money.  The game's archaic visuals and unbalanced gameplay tarnish the mighty Mega Man legacy.  So, yes, skip the pitiful Mega Man 3.  Before the pitchfork army rallies outside my home, I should probably clarify: I'm talking about the shameful DOS version, Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting, produced under license from Capcom by Hi-Tech Expressions in which our EGA-ized hero takes on Dr. Wily's latest creations which - for budgetary reasons, I bet - look a heck of a lot like his previous creations.

Starting from the upper-left slot and moving clockwise, we have Torch Man (a de-magnetized Magnet Man), Bit Man (Hard Man with a coat of yellow paint), Shark Man (a gray Snake Man with an added fin), Wave Man (Air Man without the fan (and not to be confused with the much better Wave Man from the much better Mega Man 5)), Oil Man (Flash Man tinted red (and, again, not to be confused with Oil Man from Mega Man: Powered Up)), and Blade Man (Metal Man gone purple and pointy).

Mega Man 3

How disappointing!  If Hi-Tech Expressions was going to create a pale comparison to a better game, they should at least have gone all the way and made an original pale comparison.