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Mega Man 9 Trailer Teases New Robot Masters

Are you frothing over the idea of new Robot Masters appearing in the upcoming Mega Man 9?  Capcom has released a new trailer for the game that doesn't show the new bosses, but does tease a little by revealing their silhouettes.  It's a hint of things to come, basically (and, from the look of things, Splash Woman appears to be a mermaid robot).

I know there's still a lot about this game that Capcom isn't sharing yet, but I really like the way it's shaping up.  That chiptune music is pure 1990 bliss. Mega Man 9 is on the list of playable Capcom games at E3 next week, so I'm hoping that the demo will give a proper look at one of the new Robot Masters.  I don't need to see them all right now though.  We have to save some surprises for the final product, after all.