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More Mega Man Madness

Bubble Man I really didn't intend for this week to be devoted to Mega Man, but sometimes that's just the way things work.  "The Last Days of Dr. Wily" sketch has made its way to discussion site Metafilter which has led to some interesting and amusing responses that I believe are worth sharing. 

"Why doesn't Dr. Wily, a man presumably well-versed in the tenets of science, better track his data and learn from his mistakes? It makes sense for a brilliant and creative inventor to check out whether, for some reason, a robot-surgeon-looking-thing who lives underwater might present more of a threat to Mega Man than a Giant Zippo Lighter in a fortress of fire - fire could melt Mega Man, for instance, but Water might short him out completely. These are things worth knowing. But once you've seen the dripping internist get so soundly trounced, with or without the use of metal blades, why assume that the problem was that he couldn't split in two, and didn't look oddly bird-like enough, and give up on the whole water thing entirely?" - Navelgazer

"I saw a surprisingly charming drawing on a site somewhere a few days ago (and it was on-model enough to suggest it was Official Capcom tm) of a happy Dr. Wily building one of the many grunt robot enemies from one of the levels. It got me to thinking about just why, WHY Wily goes through all the rigmarole each time.  The only answer I could come up with, one I think is supported by the drawing, is that he likes the process. Destroying Mega Man is the ultimate objective, but he enjoys building the levels and the robots. Mega Man destroying them all time after time isn't so much a setback, it's just clearing the boards for the next set of levels and robots.  It's his hobby, and might I add, a damn awesome one. When do we get to play as Dr. Wily?" - JHarris

I know I'd play the Dr. Wily game if Capcom were to ever make it.  It seems perfect for the Nintendo DS somehow.