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Help Name The Next Cattlesnake

CattlesnakeThe Mother 3 translation project continues to roll along and now the team behind bringing the sequel to Earthbound into English needs some creative input.  One of the neat things about Earthbound are the crazy names assigned to enemies.  Who can forget Gruff Goat or the Chomposaur?  Mother 3 has a whole new crop of zany badniks, and without a proper English translation to guide them, the team can't decide what to call the critters

The time to finalize names, etc. is quickly approaching, and I’m still unhappy with a bunch of enemy names. I feel they could be better than what we have now. So perhaps creative people here can help come up with some? I’ll give readme credit if anyone comes up with something that’s used in the final patch.

There are some intriguing enemies up for grabs here.  Who knows?  Maybe you can be the one to name the next Cattlesnake.