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E3 2008: Wario Land: Shake It!! Hands-On Preview At Kombo

WarioGreed is good and greed is back!  Wario Land: Shake It!! for the Nintendo Wii looks like it could be everything I hoped for and more.  I had the opportunity to spend a little time with the game today when I met with Nintendo representatives, and aside from actually getting to play the game, I was eager to spread the 2D platformer love.  If you've been following PTB for a while then you probably know that 2D platformers are my favorite gaming genre, and unfortunately it's a genre that has been in decline for a while.  Playing the training level in the demo today showed me that it's still possible for developers to "get" 2D gaming.  I've posted my thoughts on the experience over at Kombo, so be sure to take a look.  If you loved Wario Land 4, then you will adore this latest adventure.  From what I saw, Shake It!! is all greed without the gross factor.