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Chrono Trigger Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I would think that news of a Chrono Trigger re-release and slight upgrade would send fans of the original Super NES game into a fervent frenzy of celebration.  Instead there's grumbling that this Nintendo DS release is just the latest in a long line of lazy ports of past glories from Square-Enix.  Kombo's Nathan Grayson takes the publisher to task over what he perceives to be a quick cash-in project.

So, Chrono Trigger is great right? I bet you can't wait to jump back into the fray with Frog, Robo, and co. Great fun. But "back" is the operative term here. Haven't you already played and beaten the game – scouring its brightly colored, Dragonball Z character-populated world until no stone was left unturned, no ending left un-unlocked? Remember when Square worked gamers the world over into a frothy-mouthed fervor by trademarking "Chrono Break"? What ever happened to that? Sure, Chrono Cross was a great game, but it wasn't the Chrono Trigger sequel fans wanted. How about a real sequel, Square Enix?

I've said before how I'm not a fan of the Square-Enix stable of properties outside of Chrono Trigger, so I really don't mind that this new Trigger release is just a spit-shined version of the original game.  I find that I'm seeing this issue from the other perspective.  I don't buy Square-Enix games on even a semi-regular basis because the majority of them just don't appeal to me.  Final Fantasy and its kin just aren't on my radar, but when a Square-Enix game I like comes back around, I don't have a problem with picking it up because I don't feel that the company is moving in the "wrong" direction by focusing on re-releases and ports.  I see Chrono Trigger DS not as just another port taking away time and resources from a new property, but as one of the very few Square-Enix games that I enjoyed the first time around and am willing to purchase for play in portable form.  If this DS version of the game is the last we see of the Chrono franchise, then I think I could let it go.  I'd rather revisit a classic adventure I enjoyed than pass on something new that does not appeal to me.