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Activision Shovelware To Feature Warning Label

Wee 1st It's awfully considerate of game publisher Activision to slap a big warning label on their new games meant for the casual gamer, i.e. quickie cash-in shovelware that the hardcore audience does not dare touch, lest our pristine fingers become tainted.  Of course, Activision will tell you that the new "Wee 1st" branding isn't so much of a warning for the core audience as it is a helpful guide to the casuals, but I just call 'em like I see 'em.

Any games that involve TV tie-ins, quick cash-ins, and generic sports rip-offs will luckily carry the "Wee 1st" logo to make sure we all know Activision only kind of cares about the Wii.  The first to come in this brand will be Little League® World Series 2008, Rapala® Fishing Frenzy and Dancing with the Stars: Get Your Dance On.

Thanks for the heads-up, Activision!  Ah, to dream of the day that all publishers mark their lesser games in such a manner…