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Weekly Poll: Tournament Time

Weekly Poll for 5-27-2008Yes, yes, let us lure in new converts to the gaming cause!  Er, rather, it's nice to see the gaming audience expand a little.  I have a few family members who have taken notice of the Nintendo Wii.  My father loves to use it to browse YouTube whenever he visits, while my grandfather seemed to enjoy a little Wii Sports the one time he tried it.  Then, of course, there's the time my mother led police in Need for Speed: Carbon on a wild twenty minute chase.  Go Mom!

Are you still playing Mario Kart Wii?  The online tournaments continue to roll on, as this week the third challenge was unveiled (and, yes, it does involve the tricky Topmen tribe of Super Mario Galaxy).  Are you participating in these tournaments.  Do you try to beat your top score before submitting your results?  Are you just bored with the whole idea?  Let's hear your thoughts.