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Weekly Poll: 8-Bit Blue Bomber

Weekly Poll for 6-16-2008I left the last poll open for an extra week because I believe the question — all things considered, are you satisfied with the video game industry? — to be an important topic worth pondering.  The end vote is a very close split.  As for me, I am satisfied overall.  Sure, I'd like to see hardware and software prices drop and for the overall quality of products to increase, but one could say the same type of thing for any industry. 

Moving on, Mega Man 9 is coming up with some lovingly-crafted 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System-style visuals.  Do you like the retro take on the blue bomber?  Have you been transported back to 1990 in a whirlwind of pixelated joy?  Or were you hoping for something a bit more modern?  Let's hear your thoughts.