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World War II ended a very long time ago.  At least, that's what they tell me, but if one were to take a look at the various military-based shooters in the gaming market, one might think that the conflict has yet to come to a definitive end.  Now here comes Call of Duty: World at War which promises to take some of the rah-rah-can-do spirit out of the equation and replace it with "Oh god, I can't feel/find my legs!"

Toss some grit and grime on the starched and pressed uniforms, eh? Heller explained, "It's about getting rid of some of the old trumpets and patriotism of classic WWII games and getting into the gritty realism. Not 'Hey Sarge, shall I take that hill?' 'Go Get it boys!' but rather 'Get up on that f**king hill because that gun's ripping us to shreds.'"

A change in tone may be just what the genre needs.  Personally, I'd like to see a Call of Duty title take things a decade or two into the future.  I want to see the military hardware of 2025 hard at work.  We don't need an alien invasion or anything too sci-fi in tone, mind you.  I just want to attack with weapons that are a generation or two ahead of the current technological standard.