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Microsoft Planning Bold Gambit?

Viva PinataIt's time to play everybody's favorite game of conjecture, Read Between The Lines.  Today's first item of business involves speculation that Microsoft is concerned that the current line-up of games in the works for the end of the year will not be able to carry the Xbox brand for the fourth financial quarter.  There's a rumor that the company is planning something "interesting, partly spectacular and a bit desperate".

Their insider added "Let's put it this way: they're worried the current line-up can't carry Q4 for the entire Xbox brand in the core market. You'll laugh when you see what they're planning."

Next we have an interview with two Rare developers on the topic of the upcoming Nintendo DS title from Microsoft, Viva Piñata Pocket Paradise.  When asked about why Microsoft is allowing content from Rare to hit competing hardware, the two play coy.

Joe Humfrey: Microsoft doesn't see the DS as a conflicting platform at all.

Gary Richards: They've got no handheld platform, so it's not a competitor.

SPOnG: I assumed that… So, we'll never be seeing
Viva Piñata on the Wii then?

Gary Richards: (Grins). I'm not saying.

You don't suppose there's a Viva game in the works for the Nintendo Wii, do you?  Something that will bring in a little extra revenue to carry the company through the end of the year, perhaps?  Maybe even act as a bit of a Trojan Horse to bring some Xbox recognition to the Wii masses, hmm?  No, I am not jumping to conclusions.  I stand still and the conclusions jump to me.