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Mega Man 9 Finally On The Way

Mega ManOf all of Mega Man's many incarnations it is the original blue bomber that is my favorite.  It's been a while since Mega Man and I last saved the world from Dr. Wily's evil robots in an all-new adventure, but now it looks like Capcom is finally bringing the original character back for a proper Mega Man 9Kombo has the early details.

It looks like good news today for fans of the Blue Bomber, as Capcom's Australian branch has registered the name "Mega Man 9" for rating with the Office of Film and Literature Classification. The last numbered game in the "Classic" series, Mega Man 8, was originally released for the SEGA Saturn and Sony PlayStation over ten years ago, and has not been followed since but for a few spin-offs, side-stories, and remakes.

Never say never, right?  Between this revelation and the news that Captain Syrup is returning to the Wario Land franchise, this week has been filled with long-awaited announcements that are geared towards those of us who have been gaming for a decade or two.  Now, of course we don't know anything about Mega Man 9 yet, but just knowing that it's on the way is enough for today.  Here's hoping it lives up to Mega Man's iconic legacy.