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Meet Cave Johnson

Cave Johnson Portal 2 is in the works, and with a new game comes a new unseen technologically-based tormentor.  According to this news bit from Kombo, a new electronic overlord by the name of Cave Johnson will be the voice behind the curtain in the next romp through the Aperture Science testing facility. 

CAVE JOHNSON (ECCENTRIC DEAD BILLIONAIRE)] Cave Johnson is a character for a new game in the Portal series from Valve Software. Portal is a dark comedy; the role will require comic timing, with occasional dramatic moments. Age: early 60s. He is founder and CEO of a successful applied science company, a self-made billionaire who's learned to trust his gut and doesn't sweat the details—is a big picture thinker. He might not know how science works, but he knows how people work. Used to getting what he wants. Extroverted, enthusiastic and opinionated. High energy: life is an adventure he's happy to be on. A born salesman, a leader, an evangelist. People trust him, even when his plans are clearly dangerous. Speaks with a slight Southern/Western accent (natural, not too broad). He a uses warm, homespun delivery to put people at their ease. He doesn't accept the responsibility that comes with his power. Either he doesn't see or chooses not to see the ramifications of his actions. Goes from sidekick to principle antagonist. Starts to lose his grip on his humanity as the story progresses. As he isolates himself from the people around him, he loses touch with reality...

There's also some sample dialog available in which Cave ruminates on the idea of an afterlife and the existence of Latin Frankenstein.  As much as I was hoping to hear more from GLaDOS in the next Portal, it sounds like Cave could turn out to be an even more intriguing character.  I wonder what his thoughts are on the possibility of cake.