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Capcom Has Big Plans For PSN

Cut Man, Fire Man, and Elec ManNintendo's WiiWare and Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade are gobbling up most of the digital distribution press lately, but Sony's PlayStation Network has yet to really kick into high gear.  There's some vintage PS1 games mixed in with new fare, but on the whole there hasn't been a lot to shout about from the mountaintops.  At least, until now.  It appears that Capcom is working to bring some of their underappreciated PlayStation Portable titles to PSN where they may finally find a sizable audience.  Kombo has the details.

In a Capcom*Unity post about PS1 games arriving on the PlayStation Network, Capcom Corporate Officer/Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson says "The first titles you see appearing from us will be some of our better PSP titles that are difficult to find at retail. We'll speak to Sony in more detail regarding PS1 titles we'll get to after we've gotten a few or our more recent PSP titles up and available."

If Mega Man: Powered Up appears on PSN, then you'd best buy it.  It's a fantastic adventure that too many of you have missed this generation.  Plus, get those sales numbers up and we may yet see a sequel to the best blue bomber game released this decade after all.