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Wii Fit Wants To Be Your Friend

Wii Fit I never thought I'd see a video game act clingy, but leave it to Wii Fit to crank up the creepy factor. has torn into the new casual not-a-game and posted some images of the setup process including this image of a chatty Wii Balance Board proclaiming its intentions to become your "friend in fitness".  GoNintendo offers this:

Wii Fit… you’re nice and all, but you’re coming on a little strong. As a matter of fact, you are creeping me out just a bit. Don’t make me take out your batteries!

Oh, now don't say that.  The Wii Balance Board doesn't like to be disappointed.  I'm sure that you'll grow to love it once you take it into your room, perhaps propped next to your bed to watch over you as you sleep.  The Wii Balance Board just wants to be your friend forever! 

(Apologies and thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000)