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Wii Fat

Wii Fit It always hurts when a trusted loved one insults you, so it's understandable how some people are upset with Nintendo's new Wii Fit.  The game has the gall to tell portly players that they are overweight.  Wii, dude, I thought we were friends!

We all heard the story of the girl who was "mistakenly" called obese by Wii Fit. We also all know that, unfortunately (I suppose) for this distraught family, Wii Fit can't offer up apologies, I guess that's being held back for Wii Fit 2.

However, as I unpacked my copy of Wii Fit and set it up, I knew the label I was going to get stepping onto the balance board. At 6'6", 320 pounds, I'm not exactly a toothpick. I was slapped with a BMI of over 37, and pronounced obese. My Mii looked morbidly obese but it seems Nintendo knew that a line had to be drawn somewhere.

I have two thoughts about this.  First of all, it's not in Wii Fit's best interest to proclaim that players are healthy right out of the box.  Healthy gamers are those who don't need Wii Fit's exercise regimen and daily routines, right?  Next, maybe this kind of treatment is what some people need to take charge of an expanding waistline.  Concerns from family and friends about turning off the games for a while may be ignored, but it could be worth some consideration if the video game itself says that it's time to get up from the couch and move a little.