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Weekly Poll: Big Spender

Weekly Poll for 4-28-2008There was quite a lot of love for Grand Theft Auto IV last week, it seems.  I'm actually surprised that is finished ahead of Mario Kart Wii in the poll because most PTB poll results skew towards Nintendo products.  However, I've noticed a spike in incoming web traffic over the past few days thanks to people hitting search engine results for GTA IV cheats and secrets, bringing in more GTA-favoring readers than usual.  So what does it all mean?  Great games for the current-generation consoles came out last week.  Go play.  Have fun.  Everybody wins.

Speaking of buying new games, what was your last game-related purchase?  Probably one of the aforementioned big releases, sure, but it's worth asking anyway.  Was your last gaming acquisition a new game?  A used game?  Maybe you finally picked up that console you've been coveting for months.  Perhaps it was something smaller like a magazine or a soundtrack CD.  What have you just crossed off your shopping list?  Let's hear about it.