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Weekly Poll: Expanded Audience

Weekly Poll for 5-19-2008 The early Atari years seem downright prehistoric by today's comparisons, but I feel that it's the Nintendo 64 era of gaming that has aged terribly over the years.  8-bit and 16-bit sprites and backgrounds have a timeless artistic element to them, but the jagged polygons and blurry textures from the birth of 3D gaming are just painful to see on today's modern televisions.  Throw in some clunky camera schemes and gameplay gimmicks rooted in the industry's growing pains and we're left with a whole stack of games that just aren't as majestic as those that came before and after.

Looking at the present generation now, I'm curious about how many non-gamers out there have been lured in by Nintendo's attempt to create a new demographic of casual gamer.  Do you have a non-gaming friend of family member that has given into Nintendo Wii madness?  Does your mother want Wii Fit?  Does your wife demand one more Wii Sports rematch?  Let's hear your stories.