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Wario Returns For New Wii Game

WarioJust when it seems like the week will go by without an exciting announcement comes word of a new Wario Land game for the Nintendo Wii.  There'll be time for doom and gloom and pessimism later.  Right now, let's celebrate!

July will bring forth much more goodness, and a little bit of badness as Wario makes his triumphant return (hopefully) to the platformer scene in Wario Land Shake for the Wii (why not Wario World Shake?) on July 24th.

OK, now let's get the pessimism out of the way.  1) This could be a typo and we're looking at a WarioWare game instead (those with Japanese skills say otherwise, but might as well mention it), and 2) This game could feature horrible Gross Wario instead of awesome Greedy Wario (but I've rambled on about that kind of thing before).  Alright, pessimism is over; back to the celebration!

Oh, and I understand there were other announcements for something about Rhythm Tengoku, Fire Emblem, Fatal Frame, and Band Brothers in case you happen to be into those things.