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Finish LineToday's XKCD comic reminds us that the most devastating weapon the Mario Kart world is not the blue shell, but the "be a rebel" speech.  I think that everyone has tried this trick at some point, or has at least been a victim of it.  I'm reminded of the day before I graduated high school when my friends and I gathered for one last day of Mario Kart 64 before we all went our separate ways.  Speeding around the Royal Raceway, we decided to skip the race and try to score the massive shortcut that involves taking a superspeed leap to the left from the big ramp that defines the course.  With a lot of luck it's possible to land on the shore of the lake right by the finish line.  Failure involves crashing into the water where Lakitu will come and return you to the start of the ramp to try again.  We tried to stick the landing for nearly an hour before one of us finally decided to abandon the plan and just win the race (much to the annoyance of the others).  I don't remember who broke the pact.  It may have been me, but I like to think I was more honorable than that at that age.